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Cali Living

After 3,490 miles Kayla and I have finally made it to California and it is warm here so I am happy. Many people have told me that they don't see me ever living in California. I think what they meant was they don't every see me living in Los Angeles, and I totally agree. I have to admit that I never expected to like California as much as I do but after visiting Manhattan beach and Newport California my mind was changed. There is a lot more to California than just Los Angeles.

After my rents telling me that it's dropping to 40 and 30 degrees back home I am actually debating staying here just for the warm weather and sunshine. I love New England but after 22 winters I am content with not seeing snow for a solid 5-10 years.

Going to live my sisters LA life for a couple weeks out here, see you later East coast.

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