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Colorado you have my heart

You know when you go to the beach and you look out onto the ocean and it looks like it goes on forever until it drops off the edge of the earth? That is exactly how it feels when driving through Kansas, except instead of water it's fields. Over 530 miles of nothing but occasional wind mills and of course cows. We stopped twice for gas and I have to say that the people we spoke to are the most personable, and happy people I've come across so far.

After about 9 hours and Kayla only driving head on into tumbleweed once we made it to where I've been most excited about, Denver Colorado! I was trying my best to hold back my excitement but as soon as we drove into Denver and I saw endless mountains that surrounded us I knew that I was meant to live in Colorado. I've been told for many years now, by many individuals that they could see me living in Colorado and having never been I felt like I strangely understood what they were saying. It wasn't until finally being there that I realized that Colorado has been calling my name for so long and I finally got to answer.

Kayla and I spent two nights in a town inside Denver called Lakewood. We went to an amazing restaurant called Denver Biscuit Company where I had the absolute best granola and berries yogurt to ever exist. The Denver Botanic Gardens are truly breathtaking and I really debated putting up my tent somewhere in between the trees and living my life in there... still an option. You have my heart Colorado.

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