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Heading East

Packing up the car again and mentally preparing myself for the long haul ahead. Going to be hitting the road at 6 a.m and heading to the first stop Flagstaff Arizona.

There is something very refreshing yet depleting about heading out on the open road before the sun rises. I feel like the sun comes up so fast and one second my eyes are heavy and the next I feel completely awake. Flagstaff is only about an 8 hour drive away which makes me ecstatic.

We took a little detour before heading to Flagstaff to see the Grand Canyon, and as my dad would say "it is very grand". No picture or video you see will ever be able to compare to the real thing. It goes on for miles and miles and the colors are some of the most vibrant and breathtaking you will ever see. I find that each national park I visit I feel smaller and more insignificant than the last. I also am reminded that my fear of heights is very much a thing. I find that I would much rather be below, and inside of the canyon rather than standing above it, less threatening that way.

I never thought that Arizona was a very mountainous state but being 7,000 feet above sea level and looking at a 12,000ft mountain in the distance covered in snow is making me forget about the desert we just drove through for hours.

I'm surprised with how different it is here, unlike anything I expected it to be. It feels like a perfect blend of new and old in one place. I am also very amused by the chip bags expanding to their limits because of the elevation. Thanks for the fun times Flagstaff.

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