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Kansas City Missouri

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Got up before the sun to hit the road for the long haul to Kansas City Missouri. It's hard to prepare for a long drive after having only done a 4 hour drive the previous day. Kayla and I were pretty tired but thankfully she only mistook the gas for the brake once.

I think it is a little ironic that the two most common things I've seen throughout the drive to Kentucky and the drive to Kansas City is the amount of adult store and Christian church billboards along the highways. Every couple of miles there was either an advertisement asking "what's your relationship with god?" or a billboard telling you to take the next exit to visit the "The best adult store around".

Finally making it to Kansas City we decided to go to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. After visiting a contemporary art museum earlier this year with my parents, and now having been to Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art with Kayla I've come to the realization that bringing my family to art museums is not something I should continue doing. It's challenging to stand in front of a J.M.W Turner painting and try to comprehend his brush work, or take in the beauty that exists in every inch of a large scale Monet painting when Kayla is busy taking photos of a marble statue zooming in on the male figures genitals.

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