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Santa Fe Baby

There are times that I believe that everything happens for a reason and today I really did feel that way. We got an early start as usual and stopped for breakfast before heading to New Mexico. Just before getting on the highway my dad spilled orange juice all over himself so we had to pull to the side of the road for a minute to clean it all up. We were only on the highway for a few minutes before coming to a dead stop after a 18-wheeler was laying across the two lane highway after flipping over twice. The accident happened only a few minutes ahead of us and suddenly I was very happy and grateful that my father had dumped orange juice all over my car.

Luckily everyone was okay just a little confused with some bumps and bruises after the driver of the truck had fallen asleep and then swerved causing the truck to crash. There was no way around the truck so we waited two hours until it could be moved to the side of the road. I found it funny that all the men got out of their cars and gathered together to discuss the incident and throw in a couple of jokes with one another. The only downside was being in the middle of a flatland desert did made it challenging to pee on the side of the road. My fathers new friend (aka the guy in the van stuck behind us) made sure to let us know that getting a coffee was a bad idea and he now has a cup of pee in his back seat.

Finally getting to Santa Fe we stopped to visit Santa Fe Clay and check out some of the work that was there. Gene Dodak your work is absolutely stunning. Thanks for all the sunshine New Mexico.

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