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After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics from the University of New Hampshire, Cierra started her business, North Cove Clay LLC. Having spent her summers going to her families camp in northern Maine, Cierra came up with the name for her business, as her camp is located on the North Cove of the lake. She gathers her inspiration from her outdoor adventures, so the name came easy, as her camp is not just her favorite place, but also the most inspirational and influential in her work. The feeling the artist gets when being outside, secluded from everything and everyone, gives her the ability to take in and appreciate the endless beauty around her. Through her observations Cierra creates her own interpretation of the things she sees when wandering, and translates them into clay. She enjoys creating intricate and delicate textures that cover the surfaces of her forms.This obsessive decoration adds to the impact of the piece as it mirrors the sensations inspired by nature. Cierra lets her pieces grow organically into what they are, they tell her what the next move is. She hopes her work allows the viewers to feel surrounded and connected to nature and inspires them to remember a time in which they enjoyed the outdoors.

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