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Goodbye New Hampshire

After what seems like an eternity of waiting I am finally hitting the road with my sister. We have a weeks time to make it to Los Angeles California.

468 miles later we made it to our first destination. Nothing better than a visit with family, good times, and lots of laughs. Kayla and I found that the best way to play Mad Libs when passing time on the open road is to try and fill in the blanks with what you feel is supposed to fit based on the title of the entry. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, but we found them to be a lot funnier that way. I more than happy being copilot, but I don't think I will ever warm up to Kayla ending her requests with "bitch".

Thanks for all of the love Coudriet's. Off to the next stop. Indiana get ready for us!

Michael Scott where are you??

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